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Fabric Cutting

Carnegie Textile’s fabric cutting services allow patterns to be cut from material to precision, at high speed and with consistency. We will cut the cloth to the size required and sew it into any shape for any use. Fabric cutting is a very critical process prior to production process. We specialize in fabric cutting process that ensures you have minimal wastage during production process.

Fabrics are cut-to-size to meet customized requirement of the client.


Fabric Sewing

Carnegie Textiles offers custom contract sewing services that enable you to create designs and patterns of your choice.

We ensure that the end-products of our contract sewing products will match your specifications exactly. We have many satisfied customers around the world. We ship contract sewn products either by ground or air.


Die Cutting

We at Carnegie Textiles provide high quality die-cutting services. We cut irregular or regular fabric designs with a sharp printing die.

We have been providing die-cutting services for 10+ years, we have accumulated a wide range of dies. This provides you a greater choice of die selection. We pride ourselves in our accurate estimation, unmatched selection, rapid order processing and shipments that are consistently on time.

Supply in Rolls

Supply in Rolls

Carnegie Textiles supplies Cheesecloth and other fabrics in rolls. Cheesecloth is usually supplied either in boxes or bolts with roll sizes ranging from 35" to 60". The rolls of fabric are folded in half and packed in a dispenser box. The package comes in varied sizes including 1 1/2 yard, 2 yard, 5 yard and 10 yard.

We provide custom packaging services including proper labeling and wrapping in clear plastic.


Grommeting is a very critical step in the finishing of a product as a proper Grommeting process ensures a neat and attractive finish.

We have been in this industry since 1939 and clearly know what it takes to produce dependable hard-working cloths, rags and other fabric products. We ensure through our state-of-the-art Grommeting process that our products are compromised neither on nor finish or appearance. Our products will exactly match your specifications.


Material Slitting

We at Carnegie Textiles cut cloth or fabric rolls as part of our material slitting process. We can slit virtually a fabric of any material. During the slitting process, we reduce the thickness of fabrics to generate uniform thicknesses based on custom needs. We slit any material of any size based on your needs. We stock first-quality fabrics for use by fabric manufacturers. Our inventory also includes mill-ends and irregulars, which can be used for short-runs or for applications that do not require high quality material. We offer slitting services on all first-quality fabrics, mill-ends and irregulars.

Slitting process can be of different types based on your needs. We have experienced personnel who will understand your needs and suggest ...



Fabric inspection is a very critical process for ensuring good quality end products before cutting. Fabric rolls need to be re-rolled after inspection and this is a very labor-intensive process. We at Carnegie Textiles offer you re-rolling solutions for all your needs.

We are experts in providing re-rolling services. We fully understand the nature of the fabric prior to setting up the re-rolling process. We ensure that our re-rolling machines are adjusted for optimal tension parameters to suit the fabric material, and this helps avoid unwanted defects after the re-rolling process. We can work with very tight tension limits.

Bulk fabrics can be rolled down to meet your production requirements. We also have effective quality control ...



Carnegie Textiles offers packaging services with superior quality and flexibility. We specialize in box and bolts packaging. The package comes in varied sizes including 1 1/2 yard, 2 yard, 5 yard and 10 yard.

Bleached cheesecloth is packaged in several ways including as 35" to 60" rolls; rolls of cheesecloth folded in half; and in an E-Z dispenser box. When packaged in a box, the 36" roll is 4-plied to a 9" roll. Thereafter, it is flat folded many times to fill any length from 30 yards to 100 yards in each box, based on the material’s thread count. The labeling for box put ups are mostly handi-fold or nu-fold but these are different from double and rolled bolts. The latter represents a 36" roll single folded to 18" and packaged in ...

Supply Custom Fabrics

Supply Custom Fabrics

From first quality fabrics to irregulars and from mill ends to reclaimed rags, Carnegie Textiles has all types of fabrics for you. Carnegie Textiles is the right place for your customized requirements at extremely competitive prices. We have always delivered on time to save your time and money.

Carnegie Textiles’ fabrics are used widely by manufacturers to create everything from apparel, and upholstery to automotive interiors, boat covers and tarpaulins. We also supply businesses with textile products for everyday use. These include all types of fabrics for cleaning, wiping, polishing, straining, filtering, and protecting, amongst others.

Popular products include aprons, curtains, drop cloths, filters, rags, table linens, ...



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